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July 17, 2012

Bruce was seized in Northern Ireland as a type dog, after 2 years and 10 months of legal battles the Court ruled in EGAR’s favour and we were allowed to drive to Northern Ireland to collect him in Bangor on the 29th of July 2010.



Belfast City Council seized Bruce and  dogwarden Sandie Lightfoot was in charge of Bruce and abused him.


North Down Borough Council seized Bruce and dogwarden Sandie Lightfoot never even saw Bruce nor was she in any way connected with him.


Our solicitor was Alison Douglas. She was committed and no nonsense. She cried with us when the judge ruled in our favour and was professional throughout the whole legal ordeal. She also helped with the last legal bill! She knows how wrong BSL is and went way beyond her call of duty to help Bruce.

Alison was the first solicitor Lennox’ owners had and she stepped down as their legal counsel only a few short months into the case. She was vilified by the owners and their followers and countless stories were made up. People forget or do not know that a solicitor can’t just step down from a case, they have to state their case as to why to a judge and obviously it was good enough for the Judge to grant it.

Since Alison was our legal rock for Bruce so why did she pack in the case? She must have had a very very good reason for stepping down and I am sure she will eventually answer the question when put to her.

Anyone who asked Lennox’ owner was told she hates dogs and is pro BSL – this we KNOW to be untrue, given -our experience with her and the way she handled Bruce’s case.

Could it be that the very first assessor of Lennox for the defense stated that Lennox was aggressive? Why did the assessment of Lennox by Madeleine Forsythe never presented to the Courts? Could it be that Alison realised she had been lied to by the very people whom she represented?


YES, many of you have never heard of Madeleine Forsythe, have you? Lennox’ owners kept that one VERY quiet, aye?


There are two major differences between the Bruce and Lennox cases:


– Bruce was found to be of sound temperament and non-aggressive towards humans

– Bruce’s owner cooperated with the Courts and us.

– Lennox was found to be of unsound temperament and aggressive towards humans

– Lennox’ owners did not cooperate and decided instead to wage a hate and intimidation campaign 


Bruce will be celebrating his 2nd anniversary of freedom on the 29th of July. Lies about his death here at our hands are ludicrous and it is easy to see why someone would try to blacken our name, since they had to give a reason as to why they did not accept the lifeline we threw to their dog.


Bruce is very much alive, loved and well looked after, he lives in the house with us and our animals, not locked in a dirty kennels as some would like you to believe. Many people have come and met Bruce here. .


And another few facts which can be easily found on the internet:

We never asked for donations to help with Bruce’s case, as a matter of fact very few people knew we were involved until the final ruling on the 1. June 2010.

We never received ANY payment for the two newspaper articles written about Bruce, one by a local paper and one by a national newspaper, the author of BOTH articles is Darragh McDonagh who can verify this fact.














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